Frequently Asked Questions


IGCC 2024: Frequently Asked Questions 

For those considering the International Gay Coaches Conference for the first time, we have compiled answers to some frequently asked questions. We hope that any questions you may have are answered below. However, if there's anything else you'd like to know, please ask here

Do I need to be a gay man to attend?

Yes. This is part of the rarity of the event. We feel that creating this inch wide platform allows for connections a mile deep in a community historically starved of these opportunities. Also, the event is held each year at a retreat center exclusively for gay and GBTQ men. Please get in touch if you have concerns about whether or not you qualify to attend. Acceptance & inclusivity are important priorities for the conference organizers.

How will this benefit my coaching career?

Attending this experience will offer you a wealth of benefits, including an opportunity for business development and learning new coaching skills. It's a one-of-a-kind chance to connect with others and gain insights into the tools you need to add to your toolbox, while also recognizing the value of the tools you currently possess. As coaches, we strive to help our clients, and we can only do this effectively if our own cups are full. This weekend experience offers a rare and beautiful chance for fulfilment among a community of fellow gay coaches. Additionally, you'll gain valuable tips on managing and expanding a thriving coaching business.

Learn more about the experiences of some of our 2023 conference attendees

Can I get ICF continuing educations credits?

Yes. We will be submitting each appropriate session to the ICF for CCEUs. For every qualifying session you attend, you will be provided with evidence of attending. We will submit the final program for credentialing to the ICF shortly after the event and issue you with a certificate based on the sessions you attended and the credits awarded for them.

Do I need to be an experienced coach to attend?

Absolutely not. We welcome coaches of all levels of experience, plus men who work in other fields of which coaching is a significant element. At the conference you will finding men just starting their coaching careers right through to highly experienced and decorated coaches with thriving, successful coaching businesses.

What type of coach attends the conference?

Every year a wide mix of different types of coaches attend our conference. Life coaches, executive/leadership coaches, career coaches, business coaches, health and well-being coaches, recovery coaches, dating coaches, sports coaches. If you're a coach of any kind, you are welcome.

Gay men who use coaching within a wider professional role or who are of another allied profession, like therapists, counsellors or sacred intimates are all welcome and have attended before. The diversity and breadth of professionals attending adds to the experience of the event.

Where can I find the program of sessions for the conferece?

You can find the program of sessions for the 2024 conference here. The final program will be confirmed a few weeks before the event. To give you an idea of what to expect from an IGCC conference program, see the footer at the bottom of this web page and check out the 'Past IGCC Sessions' section.

What can I expect outside of the main day program of sessions?

As will be reflected on your itinerary, the conference provides some unique opportunities to network with other like-minded, gay professional men. Most of these “extra-curricular” activities take place in the morning before breakfast or the evening and and are entirely optional.

From yoga and meditation in the morning to fun and/or educational activities in the evening, you will find an array of things to do that will further enhance your experience. In the evening, activities have previous included, film nights, massage and bodywork classes, storytelling events, games nights and a talent show. We will confirm the 2024 program shortly before the event.

On top of this, you will also be able to enjoy walks in the beautiful surroundings of Easton Mountain. It's a remote location set in beautiful countryside and there are plenty of trails to explore. Other facilities at Easton Mountain include a hot tub and wood fired sauna. Massages are also available at an additional cost.

What is the accommodation like & what should I pack?

Easton Mountain is an escape from everyday life. All of the rooms are shared (semi-private, quad or cabin bunk room) and have been refurbished recently to provide very comfortable and homely accommodation. It is also possible to camp in the grounds of Easton Mountain instead. Here is a small packing list that will help support your time there.

  • Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap, deoderant, shaving supplies - Essentially everything you’d normally bring on a night away. Outside of toilet paper & towels, you should rely on your own supply for personal maintenance. Please be aware that due to 'country plumbing' we ask all guests to be considerate about what you flush down the toilets.
  • All rooms provide shared accommodation. Ear plugs are available in each room but it doesn’t hurt to bring your own “good night’s sleep” aids if you’re a light sleeper.
  • Good socks! “The Great Room” is the main activity room and has a shoes off policy. The same also goes for "The Temple" where other sessions and activities are held.
  • Snacks, if you’d like. Easton Mountain’s meal service is an array of home-cooked deliciousness with plenty of options at mealtimes. Additionally, there is a small selection of snacking items available at all times, but if you’re looking for some extra sustenance, you’re definitely welcome to store some munchies in your room.
  • Clothing: whatever you feel comfortable wearing. The conference has a very informal atmosphere so smart clothes are not needed, unless this is how you prefer to dress.
  • A bathing suit. There is a “Outdoor Pool” available in warmer months, although due to the time of year the conference is held it can be a little chilly. An indoor hot tub is available and “The Sauna” - an octagonal, wood-burning, freestanding sauna in the woods that is lit each night It can accommodate up to 20 people. Both the hot tub and sauna are clothing optional.
  • The conference has a full program of activites each day, while also allowing for breathing space to do your own thing. The grounds of the retreat center are gorgeous and a perfect setting for a long walk up the mountain nearby, you could hang out in the hot tub or simply enjoy some light reading in “The Sunroom.”
  • A way to take notes, whatever your preference is for that. Be prepared to absorb a lot of helpful & valuable information.
  • Download the conference app to your phone or laptop. This will provide all the information you need to access during the conferece, including any 'handouts' associated with workshop sessions. To minimize waste, we will not be printing copies of any documents. If you want printed copies of anything during the conference, you will need to do this yourself before you get there. 
  • No need to bring a yoga mat, there are plenty on site!

More information about Easton Mountain

What are the rates for 2024?

Our event venue is a gay men's retreat center offering a range of accommodation types, based on sharing with other attendees. This is part of the conference experience. It is also possible to attend as a commuter by booking your own accommodation nearby and travelling in each morning. The options available and the prices for each one are listed below:

Semi-Private Room (2 people sharing): $1,450

Quad Room (4 people sharing): $1,150

Glamping Site Pod (solo, or share with a friend): $1,150 NEW FOR 2024

Garden Cabin Bunk Room: $950

Camping (bring your own tent): $850

Commuter (housing not included): $850  

More information about accommodation types at Easton Mountain is available on their website here. Please note, not all of the accommodation types displayed are available to book for this event.

Where else could I stay off-site and commute in from?

We encourage attendees to stay on-site at Easton Mountain for the conference. At the same time, we are aware that some men will prefer to base themselves off-site and commute in. In particular if they want 100% private rather than shared accommodation. Easton Mountain have provided a list of local accommodation that attendees of other events held there have previously used and found to be satisfactory.

GCA are unable to recommend or endorse any of the above. If you choose to stay nearby rather than at Easton Mounatain, we recommend contacting locations and doing your own research before making a decision about where you want to stay.

How do I get there?

There are several options for getting to Easton Mountain. Every year there are attendees who catch a train or a flight or who drive from home to get there.

Easton Mountain is located in the Hudson Valley approximately 30 miles North of Albany, New York.

Travelling by train (AMTRAK) from New York City is very easy, with a regular service from Penn Station to Albany Rensselaer Station (ALB).

You can fly into the nearest airport Albany Airport from a range of locations.

Easton Mountain is conveniently located within a three-hour drive of Boston, New York City, and Montreal. To set up your GPS, use the following address: 391 Herrington Hill Road, Greenwich, NY 12834

Another option is to take the Megabus to Albany (Rensselaer Station) or take the Greyhound/Trailways to Albany.

If you need a ride from Albany (train station or airport) to Easton Mountain, options include Uber, Lyft and Steve's Classic Taxi (518 677 2503).

As in previous years, to help in getting to Easton Mountain we will facilitate opportunities for ride shares, whereby delegates travelling to Easton Mountain by car may offer to pick up those arriving by train to Albany Rensselaer Station or who are flying to Albany Airport. We will publish a ride share sheet that all attendees can use to share their travel plans and connect up drivers and riders. This works on co-operation between both parties, rather than being an official part of the conference. As such, we are unable to accept liability for this. 

We encourage all attendees to choose the most sustainable and environmentally method of travelling. Trains and car sharing are the best options. Please consider offsetting your carbon footprint, especially if you plan to fly. We recommend Sustainable Travel International.

Is there wi-fi/cell service?

Easton Mountain have invested in their wi-fi in recent years and this provides good coverage. Cell coverage is spotty due to the remote location. We encourage attendees to treat the conference as a retreat and 'switch off' wherever possible from the outside world.

Is catering included?

Yes! Once you are here you won't need to spend a cent on food or drink, unlike almost all other residential coaching conferences. All food is prepared on site by the catering team, who provide a delicious selection of options for breakfast lunch and dinner. Special dietary requirments will be catered for. Just let us know what you need when you book. Teas, coffees and soft drinks are available for you to help yourself to at all times. There is an evening cocktail reception before dinner from Thursday to Sunday. This is the only opporunity to be served alcohol as there is no bar at Easton Mountain. 

Is there a shop on site?

There is a shop on site in the reception area. In addition to some souvenir items & collectibles, you can purchase some last-minute needs if you forget anything. The selection is good, but not entirely dependable for all needs.

Who organizes the Gay Coaches Conference?

The conference is organized by Gay Coaches Alliance, a professional association of gay male coaches working together to empower our vibrant practices & inspire each other to do creative impactful work. More information about Gay Coaches Alliance.

Do I need to be a member of Gay Coaches Alliance to attend?

No - however membership is beneficial to network with other members before the conference and throughout the year.  Learn more about GCA membership options.

How do I get involved or present at the conference?

We welcome submissions to present at the conference from all attendees. Proposals will be considered providing they are a good fit with this year's confernece theme. It is a great experience to present at a GCA conference, sharing your knowledge and expertise in a very welcming and non-judgemental space. Each year our presenters have a range of experience, from new coaches to very experienced coaches. 

More information about presenting at IGCC 24

In addition, we look for volunteers to help us run the event smoothly. It is not a formal event with a paid staff team. Despite this, the event runs smoothly with a high degree of professionalism. All organizers offer their time on a voluntary basis and we ask for attendees to help out with things like setting up chairs and tables for sessions and other simple activities. This helps build the relaxed, informal atmosphere with shared purpose and team spirit.

How much does the conference cost & do I qualify for a scholarship?

Full information about pricing and the 2024 scholarship program is available here.

If you have any other questions, please submit them using the form here & we will get back to you shortly. Hope to see you at the conference!

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

GCA has created its own Terms of Payment policy (having previously operated according to our host Easton Mountain's policy, which is no longer applicable). This is available here

How do I register to attend?