Would you like to learn about what it's like to attend the International Gay Coaches Conference at Easton Mountain? 

Check out the comments below by some of the men who attended our event in 2023.

"I came as I felt I hadn't had much gay community for a long time. I'd been hungry for meaningful relationships with other gay men and that's what I got. I felt so comfortable straight away and it was so transformative. I loved the mix of personal and professional. I left feeling like my heart was full."

"I've never had an experience like that. Work life and gay life combined. I was very inspired by so much connection."

"The conference was so important to me, personally, professionally and spiritually. I attended as a newer coach, and being here made it feel more real. I was able to see a bigger picture. I feel like we all made such important connections."

"I brought away more than I thought I would get from the conference. I feel inspired to take the next step with my coaching career. This is my tribe. I've finally found it!"

"It was great to be in a community of guys who were really open to learn so much more about who they are. Being there, it felt like I integrated so many parts of myself."

"I've attended every time. It's not easy to get to geographically, but it's so wonderful! I come back every year and this was the best yet. Coaching can be a lonely profession and this community is so unique and special."

"This was my first year. I got so immersed and it has changed the trajectory of my work."

"It was even better than last year the second time around. I came away really inspired from being immersed in the energy of so many amazing men. I felt so seen and so heard."

"It's really hard to explain to people who were not there what it was like. I was amazed how much personal stuff came up for me. I felt like I was bringing together the personal and the professional. I have a desire now to create new opportunities in my work as a coach."

"What a joy to be able to share, love and grow with all of you. It was a feast of not only information but also joy and intimacy."

"Each year this conference is the highlight of my entire year, and 2023 was no exception. I travel from the UK, so it's a long journey to get there. However, it's worth it! I love the incredible experience the group of men who attend create together. There are coaches from so many backgrounds with different levels and types of experience, which makes it really special. As well as being great for professional development, I love the personal connections and being part of this wonderful community. I'm so excited for 2024!"

"The balance of technical and process tools, and personal tools was fantastic. I had a wonderful experience."

"I've been able to implement learnings right away with my clients. It has ignited a passion to lean more into my training work too. I also noticed myself being more compassionate since I got home."

"These are my peeps!"